Department of Admission and Registration

The Department of Admission and Registration at 51app delivers quality registration and record-keeping services to students, faculty, and the public, reinforcing institutional and academic policies and preserving the integrity, confidentiality, and security of the records. The department strives for professional excellence to serve the university with efficiency and accuracy using cutting-edge technologies while maintaining a student centered environment.

Department Units

  • Administers required admission exams
  • Processes candidate applications
  • Processes Transfer of credits from other institutions

  • Sets up online registration
  • Processes
    • Course withdrawal
    • Semester freezing
    • University withdrawal

  • Transcripts
  • Enrollment letters
  • Processes and announces final term grades and academic standing

Time Tabling
Prepares and publishes:
  • Course offering
  • Class schedules
  • Exam schedules
  • Academic calendar

  • Audits graduates’ completion of degree requirements
  • Issues graduation diplomas and transcripts

  • Issues student related information

  • Maintains student archive records

Policies and Regulations

All registration policies are published, updated and made available to 51app students in the yearly issue of the 51app student handbook and course catalogue. The Registration office is responsible for implementing the following academic regulations:
  • Grading system and class standing
  • Academic Honors
  • Academic probation and dismissal
  • Academic load
  • Course repetition
  • Change of Major
  • Graduation (CAPP)
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