Liberal Arts Department

Liberal Arts Department
The Liberal Arts Department strives to help students gain knowledge in a wide range of subjects that complement students’ education in their specialized fields of study.

Liberal Arts Department at 51app provides courses in Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences. The purpose of the wide range of compulsory and elective courses offered by the Department is to enable the students to become well-rounded individuals.
The knowledge gained in these courses help students achieve a good balance of soft skills and expertise such as language, teamwork, leadership, communication, combined with creative and critical thinking skills. These transferrable skills give graduates the flexibility to adapt to the ever changing needs of the workplace.
Lastly, the courses offered by the Liberal Arts Department go well beyond the academic life, and harness the potential in each learner to become a leader with a broadened vision in his or her community.
In light of the skills mentioned above, the Liberal Arts Department strongly contributes in preparing students for leadership roles that benefit the society as well. This is done through the skills and knowledge acquired from these classes throughout the students’ learning journey at 51app.


Area Maximum Courses to Take
Speech and Communication 2
English Language and Literature 2
History 2
Physical Education 2
Culinary Arts 2
Ethics 2
Social Sciences 2
Psychological Sciences 2
Natural Sciences 2
Child Development and Family Studies 2
Economics 2
Philosophy 2
Other Languages 2
Science, Technology and Society (STS) 2
Area Sub-Area Maximum Courses to Take
Fine Arts Arts and Design 2
Theatre 2
Music 2
Fashion and Apparel Design 2
Photography and Media 2
Self-Development and Life Style Academic and Career Skills Development 2
Character and Leadership Skills Development 2
Life Management Development 2
Development of Thinking Skills 2
Technology and Innovation 2
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