Governance and Administration

  • Fahad AlOthman
    Fahad AlOthman
    Chairman of the Board of Trustees

    Fahad AlOthman

    Chairman of the Board of Trustees

    Mr. Fahad AlOthman is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the American University of the Middle East (51app) and the American College of the Middle East (ACM). He is also the founder of HumanSoft Holding, a shareholding company specialized in knowledge transfer and learning in the Middle East.

    AlOthman is a distinguished entrepreneur with a deep passion for personal development and a unique understanding of how people and systems interrelate and perform within business organizations in today’s highly volatile market.

    Completing his higher education in the USA, AlOthman started his career by working in the banking sector for about a decade. He also delivered lectures on Credit Analysis and Risk Management at the Institute of Banking Studies in Kuwait from 1984 to 1989. His successful career in banking has led him to become an independent consultant supporting companies to enhance their financial performance.

    AlOthman’s vision on the role of Information Technology in the development of the Middle East region began in early 1991 when he set up a computer distribution business and later on bringing the IT training franchise “New Horizons” to the Middle East in 1996. The New Horizons centers have succeeded in significantly contributing to human resources development in IT and partnering with globally renowned vendors such as Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco, Sun, Java, Novell, HP, Citrix, and Soft Skills. Over a period of 10 years, the Centers were able to train hundreds of thousands of people in Kuwait and the Gulf region and have created thousands of job opportunities. The success of New Horizons centers has earned both the organization and its founder several international awards and has resulted in AlOthman’s election as a member of the New Horizons Franchise Advisory Council.

    Due to the successful expansion of his business in the region, he founded HumanSoft holding in 2002. After being listed on Boursa Kuwait in 2005, HumanSoft has successfully attracted international partners from hedge funds who believe in its mission and the impact it creates at a regional level.

    Following the Amiri Decree issued in 2000 allowing the establishment of private universities, AlOthman started his plan to set up two higher educational institutions and founded ACM and 51app, in 2003 and 2005, respectively.

    Today, HumanSoft has eight subsidiaries under its umbrella, and 51app and ACM have more than 13,000 enrolled students.
  • Georges Yahchouchi, PhD
    Georges Yahchouchi, PhD
    University President

    Georges Yahchouchi, PhD

    University President

    Georges G. Yahchouchi is the President of the American University of the Middle East (51app), Kuwait.

    President Yahchouchi is known for his commitment to excellence in Higher Education and expertise in academic leadership given his vast educational background and exposure to multicultural environments during his educational and professional paths. He received his Ph.D. in Business Administration from Montesquieu Bordeaux University - France in 2004 and earned a Post-graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education from the University of Chester - UK in 2013. He completed the Professional Education Certificate in Institute for Educational Management (IEM Class of 2019) offered by the Harvard Graduate School of Education – United States.

Academic Council

  • Atika Dairi
    Atika Dairi
    Director of Students and Alumni Affairs
  • Audil Rashid Khaki, PhD
    Audil Rashid Khaki, PhD
    Acting Dean
    College of Business Administration
  • Rami AlKhudari, PhD
    Rami AlKhudari, PhD
    Dean of Admissions and Registration
  • Sarp Erkir, PhD
    Sarp Erkir, PhD
    Head of Liberal Arts Department
  • Taha Beyrouthy, PhD
    Taha Beyrouthy, PhD
    College of Engineering and Technology
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