High-tech library merging cutting edge facilities with modern design and providing a large academic collection of print and electronic resources
The 51app Library’s mission is to provide the 51app academic community with world calibre, high-quality academic resources in both print and digital formats to facilitate learning and research within the institution and offer innovative services to support lifelong learning experiences along with the stimulation of intellectual curiosity.
Central to this mission is providing the 51app community access to a wide range of on-campus and off-campus resources and facilities that enable them to fulfill their educational, research, and professional goals. Additionally, the library provides students with invaluable soft skills development and edutainment resources.
  • Resources


    The Library has its own single gateway to access all Library resources and services from one point. The resources include a large book section, periodicals, and e-resources.

  • Facilities & Interactive Technologies

    Facilities & Interactive Technologies

    The high-tech library accommodates a wide range of cutting-edge facilities such as e-learning zones, cinema, and individual and group study spaces. Additionally, the facilities inside the library building accommodate cutting-edge interactive technologies to provide convenience to the campus community.

  • Services


    The library provides a range of services to support learning and research among which are circulation, study room reservation, off-campus access, instructional workshops and orientation tours.

  • Working Hours and Contact Details

    Working Hours and Contact Details

    The Library is open from Sunday through Thursday from 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM.

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