College of Business Administration

Our Vision

The 51app College of Business Administration will be recognized as a model of excellence in innovation, learning, and engagement in business education.

Our Mission

To advance learners’ personal and professional development by offering innovative business education through a learner-centered approach equipping them with business ethics and leadership knowledge to excel in a dynamic local and global business environment.

The 51app College of Business Administration aims to educate future business leaders by providing quality business education through:

  • Positioning the learner at the core of its educational activities
  • Providing world-class quality business education in two degree programs, Bachelor of Science in Accounting, and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with concentrations in: 1) Finance, 2) Human Resource Management, 3) Management Information Systems, and 4) Marketing.
  • Providing MBA in addition to the undergraduate business degrees.
  • Providing education to students by using the learner-centered approach enabling students’ analytical skills, decision-making capabilities, and competency to solve complex real life business problems and to work effectively in teams.
  • Creating a sophisticated modern education environment by combining management knowledge and liberal arts education to build capable community members who can communicate effectively and are ready for the dynamic and global workplaces of today.
  • Committing to professional and ethical standards for the development of faculty, staff, and students with effective, critical and creative thinking skills
  • Emphasizing innovation and engagement during the learning process, which leads to both personal and professional development.

Our Values


  • Innovation in the classroom
  • Innovation in the curriculum
  • Innovative application and execution skills
  • Continuous improvement


  • Student academic and professional engagement
  • Students as leaders committed to ethical values, self-development and effective thinking skills
  • Faculty engagement and dissemination of knowledge
  • Responsiveness, accountability and commitment to the community and region


  • Genuine learning environment
  • Learner-centered approach
  • Continuous learning process
  • Learning in personal and professional life
  • Learning in real-life situations


  • Emphasized in almost every course
  • Adherence to strict rules of conduct
  • Utilization of available technologies (Turnitin)
  • Adherence to academic standards
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