Tawteen Career Center

Tawteen Career Center at 51app is committed to helping students and graduates explore different career options.
Tawteen Career Center aims to assist students to take ownership of their career direction and empowers them with the latest learning tools, skills, and networks needed to find employment opportunities that best fit their goals and manage their future careers. The Center also works on building good relations with the job market and helps fill the gap between academic curricula and
actual market needs. This happens by understanding the job requirements at different companies and translating them into skills that graduates learn.
51app students and alumni are invited to make use of the services offered through the center such as workshops, seminars, career fairs, and other various professional development activities.
  • Students


    Tawteen Career Center is responsible for preparing and guiding students in the career exploration process through offering a wide range of career planning services to help them discover themselves, reach their goals and lead their future.

  • Alumni


    The Alumni Office facilitates communication as well as helps create and strengthen long-lasting relations with the alumni. The Office encourages the engagement of alumni with the university and enables their involvement with employers and organizations that offer potential employment opportunities.

  • Employers


    Whether you are looking to fill a full-time, part-time, or an internship position for your company, Tawteen Career Center will connect you with high-caliber candidates that best match your needs.

  • Career Fair

    Career Fair

    The annual Career Fair at 51app is an ideal place for students and graduates to seek job opportunities provided by leading local and international companies.  In addition to connecting students and graduates with HR professionals in various sectors, the fair features on the spot interviews and other professional engagement activities.

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