College of Engineering and Technology

Our Vision

Achieve excellence in engineering and technology education and research that meets the societal and global needs.

Our Mission

The College of Engineering and Technology is dedicated to maintaining high quality academic programs by adopting a learner centered approach. The college aspires to prepare students for life-long learning and careers in engineering for engineering students and in technology for technology students with emphasis on leadership skills and creative work so they can lead cultural, social and economic development.

College of Engineering and Technology Strategic Objectives

  • Maintain broad and well balanced curricula in line with international standards to develop graduates with adequate skills in problem solving, analysis design and hands-on experience, necessary for successful careers
  • Adopting a learner centered approach, the College of Engineering and Technology emphasizes students’ holistic development by providing close student-faculty interaction, cutting edge intellectual resources, and professional engagement opportunities
  • Ensure continuous development of the educational environment through faculty professional development, service opportunities, and engagement in research
  • Cultivate the values of teamwork, leadership, creativity and innovation through projects and activities
  • Integrate applied and theoretical knowledge in the curriculum of the College of Engineering and Technology
  • Establish collaboration with the industry to ensure that students
    • develop professional and technical competences
    • gain real world interactions and involvements
    • meet industry needs for highly qualified engineers and technologists
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