Faculty Panel Discussion on Clean Energy: Promoting Sustainable Solutions for a Greener Future

In celebration of the International Day of Clean Energy Day 2024, 51app organized a Faculty Panel Discussion, bringing together its faculty members from various fields to discuss key topics related to clean energy.

The panelists shared insights on their contributions in this field while shedding light on possible ways to triple renewable energy by 2030 as recommended by COP28. They also discussed challenges, advancements, and global trends in renewable technologies, explored future prospects of wind and solar energies in the region, and highlighted on the ongoing projects and plans for green energy initiatives in Kuwait. Additionally, they emphasized the continuous efforts in raising awareness of clean energy among students.

The discussion underscored the significance of clean energy in building a sustainable future and its alignment with UN Sustainable Development Goals: SDG7 - Affordable and Clean Energy and SDG13 - Climate Action.

With a sense of purpose, we are determined to advance our journey towards a more sustainable future, championing responsible practices, and making a positive impact in our community.

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